Who is Ramp?

Who is Ramp? Ramp is Enterprise Video Delivery.

Ramp is about enterprise video delivery. We provide software infrastructure to optimize the way video is distributed behind the firewall, minimizing the impact of bandwidth-intensive video on the corporate network and giving viewers everywhere a great viewing experience. We are a common enterprise streaming infrastructure. Our software-defined network solutions deploy 100 percent behind a firewall.

When you look at getting video out to all your employees, whether you have thousands or hundreds of thousands, or maybe you’re just trying to get video to 50 or 100 employees inside one of your facilities with a small pipe out to the cloud, that’s where an enterprise CDN works for you.

Who is Ramp? Ramp is Multicast, HTML5 Video Caching and more…

We offer Multicast+ for HTML5 video and OmniCache, which is an intelligent caching platform, and we have a management platform called Altimeter, which gives you global management of your entire enterprise CDN.

Who is Ramp? We’re Open Infrastructure

Our key principle is that we are open infrastructure that integrates with many partner platforms. We have 22 partners and growing. Thirteen partner solutions have been integrated. And we have a number of different solution certifications, including Microsoft and Citrix.

While we do have customers in the Fortune 100 and Fortune 500, we also have almost half of our customers in the Fortune 1000, so we really span a wide breadth of enterprises.

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From the Streaming Media webinar Content Delivery Challenges in a New Era.