Ramp Multicast+

A next-generation multicast solution for distributing high-quality, stable video on corporate networks.

What is Multicast?

The most efficient way to securely stream live video

Multicast+ takes advantage of the multicast protocol to send a single video stream to everyone in your audience without any more bandwidth than is needed for one viewer.

Enterprise-grade Security

Maintain complete control. Multicast+ is deployed 100% behind the firewall. Video is encrypted while in motion and at rest.

Highest QoE

Multicast+ resolves network congestion by simultaneously delivering a single video stream to hundreds or thousands of viewers. It delivers the content faster, more reliably and with less bandwidth for an exceptional QoE.

Vendor Neutral

Designed to optimize video deliver from virtually any streaming platform you use. Multicast+ supports any encoder that outputs HLS, DASH, or RTP over HTTP(S).

Zero-Trust Compliance Ready

Enterprise Multicast
Alive and Well

Learn about the next generation of multicast in this easy-to-read white paper from Ramp.


Multicast Features

All the features you need.

Silent Testing

Run full-scale simulations before your live event.

Event Analytics

Simple and intuitive dashboard to monitor events in real-time.

Microsoft 365

Integrated with Microsoft Teams, Stream and Yammer.

Forward Error Correction

Ramp's patented method for managing momentary loss of data.

High Availabilty Clustering

Highly redundant multiple server network enables critical server applications to run 24/7

RESTful Architecture

Designed to easily integrate with enterprise video streaming platforms.

Explore the powerful features available in a single Ramp license.