The Universal eCDN

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Experience flawless live and on-demand video streaming at every location across your network.

Why Ramp

Superior Video Streaming Quality Across the Network

Ramp eCDN helps you securely deliver live and video on-demand in the highest quality, with bandwidth savings of up to 99.9%. Video can impact communication and the productivity of your workforce. Make sure your employees have a seamless video streaming experience every time.


Discover the Power of Ramp’s Universal eCDN Solution

One unified license, with all three eCDN technologies.


Ramp’s Multicast+ is the most efficient eCDN for live video streaming. Using your network’s multicast protocol, it sends a single video stream to every viewer in the audience without using any more bandwidth than is needed for one viewer.


Ramp’s OmniCache solution is an advanced video caching eCDN that supports both live streaming and on-demand video delivery. This lightweight software-only solution runs on existing infrastructure and supports virtually any modern streaming protocol.


Ramp’s P2P is a WebRTC-based peer-to-peer networking eCDN that optimizes bandwidth by redistributing video among connected viewing devices. Stream high-quality video, even to locations with limited infrastructure.

Ramp eCDN for Microsoft Teams Live Events + VOD

Scale up your network for enhanced video communication and collaboration across Microsoft 365.

Key Features

The Simplest Way to Solve Network Congestion.

One unified license, with all three eCDN technologies.


Effortless implementation, and straight-forward activation to get you started quick.


Never sacrifice security for quality. Your network can be as secure as you need it to be.


Minimize bandwidth usage, while maximizing your video experience.


Turn insights into action with real-time data and detailed analytics.

Ramp is Trusted by Leading Enterprises

Some of the world’s largest global organizations trust Ramp to securely deliver flawless video streaming, while scaling up their network.