VBrick Peer-to-Peer

Easily scalable WebRTC-based software for enterprise video streaming and collaboration.

What is Peer-to-Peer

Vbrick’s peer-to-peer solution utilizes WebRTC within the browser and does not require any downloads. One peer retrieves the video and shares across a large number of local peers. This lets viewers distribute video to each other and reduces the bandwidth consumption.

WebRTC-based Technology

WebRTC is naturally integrated into all modern browsers, which means there is no need to install or alter anything when adopting our peer-to-peer solution.

High Security Standards

Fully compliant with GDPR regulations, along with end-to-end transport encryption. This ensures the video access is controlled and there are no additional risks to your proprietary information and network.

Comprehensive Real-time Analytics

Powerful video analytics enable admins to measure the data that matters most. Take a deep dive into video adoption metrics, network performance, and overall quality of experience — all in one dashboard.

Key Features

All the features you need.

Flexible Deployment

Easy access to our public cloud or full privacy with a private cloud deployment.

100% in Browser

No software installation or network configurations required.

iOS Compatible

Our unique solution offers peer-to-peer streaming for iOS devices running Safari.

Event Analytics

Real-time event statistics with comprehensive video analytics.

Microsoft 365

Integrated with Microsoft Teams for smooth streaming and collaboration.

When to use Peer-to-Peer eCDN

Vbrick has flexible video modalities to create the most optimal eCDN architecture for your enterprise. Peer-to-peer is an ideal solution if:

  • You need a solution that can quickly be deployed and used
  • You have locations without edge caching or other infrastructure support
  • Live events are a priority

Talk to an Expert

The Vbrick team is here to support you along your path to architecting and deploying our enterprise video distribution technology. From our expert engineers to professional services group and customer success managers, we’ll create an eCDN solution to meet the needs of your enterprise – now and for the future.