Impact of Video on the Enterprise Network

Wainhouse Research reports more than two-thirds of organizations cite protecting the network as one of the top considerations when purchasing a video solution. As companies use more video, they are seeing an impact of video on network bandwidth utilization. IT departments are guided by the Hippocratic oath of network administration—do no harm as you add more video on the network.

The increasing use of video isn’t the only factor impacting the network. The impact of video resolution is also having an impact on network bandwidth. Enterprise viewers are also consumers and the streaming providers we use at home have set our expectations. High definition video is the baseline expectation for viewers today, and 360° video, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are not far behind. When you deliver that kind of video on the corporate network, it creates tremendous strain.

That’s why enterprises need to include eCDN, delivery infrastructure to optimize video traffic, as a component of their video streaming strategy.

From the IBM webinar Optimizing Video on Corporate Networks