Ramp Debuts AltitudeCDN™ OmniCache for Live and On-Demand Video Delivery Across the Enterprise

Boston, MA – April 5, 2016 – Ramp, the leading provider of next-generation video management and delivery solutions for large enterprises, announced today the debut of AltitudeCDN™ OmniCache, the first standards-based solution for distributing live and on-demand video webcasts.

OmniCache™ extends the capabilities of Ramp AltitudeCDN™, delivering high-quality, reliable video broadcasts over bandwidth-constrained enterprise networks without the need for costly upgrades.

With the combination of OmniCache and Multicast+ in the Ramp AltitudeCDN product suite, Ramp now provides the industry’s most ubiquitous set of tools for delivering and managing distribution of video and media content across global WANs.

Video content lives in a variety of places and formats across the typical enterprise. AltitudeCDN OmniCache is the first enterprise caching solution that supports virtually any video source, including Azure Media Services, Brightcove, and Microsoft Office Video. OmniCache supports both live and on-demand video, for a single, cost-effective approach to enterprise video distribution.

Data-intensive video broadcasts can slow networks and compromise video quality, especially in remote offices. OmniCache provides smooth and reliable video playback performance over global WANs by dynamically and securely positioning media at the edge of the enterprise network, which minimizes the WAN traversal of video, resulting in reduced or eliminated latency and buffering, and speeding up start times.

“Live and on-demand video streaming is now an integral part of most enterprises, but the standards are changing rapidly. With waning native browser support, security liabilities relating to Flash and the end-of-life for legacy Microsoft Media multicasting, enterprises have been forced to re-think their strategies for enabling the use of video. AltitudeCDN OmniCache delivers the scalability, performance, and ease of administration that large enterprises require, using the WAN infrastructure they have in place now,” said Stephen Blankenship, Ramp’s Vice President of Product and Operations.

For live webcasts with hundreds or thousands of viewers, multicast is the most efficient way to broadcast high volume video traffic across enterprise networks. AltitudeCDN™ Multicast+ leverages – and improves on – multicast technology to provide secure, reliable, and smooth live streaming to enterprise WANS.

Formerly named Ramp Multicast Engine, AltitudeCDN Multicast+ reaches viewers across the enterprise with high-quality, stable communications, without the cost and deployment hassles of a proprietary infrastructure or custom video players. A unique, lightweight overlay network provides forward error correction combined with bandwidth smoothing for a seamless, high-quality viewer experience, even over Wi-Fi.

AltitudeCDN Multicast+ takes a standards-based approach, broadcasting HTTP Live Streaming or “HLS” streams via multicast, so deployment is cost-effective and simple. AltitudeCDN Multicast+ does not require the thick client upgrades demanded by P2P systems, and keeps network chatter to a minimum, while providing greater control to network administrators.

About Ramp

Ramp is the leading provider of next-generation video management and delivery solutions designed to help organizations get the most value possible from video content. The full-featured video content management solution, VideoVerge™ for SharePoint, integrates videos into the native SharePoint environment, making it as easy to search and find as text-based content and viewable across multiple desktop and mobile devices. And our enterprise content delivery network AltitudeCDN™, gives organizations a powerful and easy way to communicate with large, geographically diverse audiences through high-quality, stable transmissions without the need for proprietary infrastructures and custom video players. Many Global 2000 companies, including Fortune 500 leaders, benefit from Ramp’s enterprise solutions. Ramp is headquartered in Boston, MA and can be reached at (857) 202-3500