Ramp OmniCache

An intelligent video caching solution for live video and VOD. Drastically reduce network traffic for uninterrupted, high-quality video —anytime, anywhere any device.

What is Omnicache?

The smartest solution for live video and VOD

OmniCache provides automatic local caching of video content for multiple users. Every time a user requests a video stream, the local cache is checked before the request is sent to the origin source on the WAN or in the cloud. This means traffic is reduced by bringing the video closer to its viewers.

Effortless Deployment

This software-defined networking solution deploys on existing infrastructure, both hardware servers and virtual environments. OmniCache does not require any plugins or client software, which drastically minimizes the effort needed to deploy and maintain.

Security Compliant

Deploys 100% behind the firewall, maintaining security policies to protect against viruses and breaches. Fully compliant with NSA-adopted NIST Suite B Cryptography, which secures data in transit and at rest.

Vendor Neutral

OmniCache is a common enterprise streaming infrastructure, which means it can be used by virtually any streaming platform to optimize video delivery. Verified compatibility with the world’s leading platforms, including Microsoft Stream, Teams, and more.

Zero-Trust Compliance Ready

Intelligent Video Caching

Learn how to use video caching for network optimization, better response times, and improved user performance.


Omnicache Features

All the features you need.

True VOD

Multiple users can view the same video asset at different times from the same cache

VOD Pre-Positioning

Ability to schedule videos to be pre-positioned to the caches during windows of low network activity.

Intelligent Routing

Advance cache routing using flexible pattern matching algorithms

Event Analytics

Simple and intuitive dashboard to monitor events in real-time.


Deployable as a self-discoverable, self-healing mesh

Microsoft 365

Integrated with Microsoft Stream, Teams, Yammer, and Skype for Business.

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