Multicast Monday: Meet Altimeter – Centralized Video Management

Happy Multicast Monday! When it comes to adding an enterprise content delivery network (eCDN), you might be thinking, “Just one more thing to manage.” I’ve got great news. Because Ramp is committed to making our solutions easy to deploy, manage and scale, we created a management platform for Multicast+ (and OmniCache) called Altimeter. Altimeter is the first and only centralized video management system for enterprise-grade multicasting and video caching. You can deploy, configure, manage and visually monitor your entire eCDN deployment from a single, web-based interface. Sounds pretty good, right?

Multicast Islands

Here’s where Altimeter really shines. Some companies are lucky enough to have a fully multicast-enabled network. However, many enterprise networks grew organically over time or were slammed together through a series of acquisitions.

The result is a network made up of multicast islands, where pockets of the network are multicast-enabled but are unable to multicast between each other. In this case, Altimeter is centralized video management for your entire multicast deployment, regardless of the size of the network or number of multicast islands.

Altimeter saves you time by provisioning all elements of your live events versus having to configure each and every sender, which is especially helpful when your network is made up of multicast islands.

Centralized Video Management Event Analytics

Altimeter is also your microscope into network performance—before, during and after your event. It allows you to monitor your network in real-time, identify issues and analyze past events.  

  • Monitor: Get a minute-by-minute view of KPIs such as network impact, number of viewers, and quality of experience (QoE) on a geographic map during a Multicast+ event. Circles on the map indicate concentrations of viewers along with packet loss at each location.
  • Identify: Quickly assess the health of the network and identify areas of concern. The circles change in color as network performance changes, and you can hover over any circle to analyze performance by location—all the way down to the individual device.
  • Analyze: View and analyze data as individual events or an aggregate of past events geographically and historically. You can also use the timeline to analyze statistics at specific moments in time.
Altimeter is a single, web-based interface for managing your Multicast+ and OmniCache environment.

Event Simulations

You can also use Altimeter to create and schedule simulated, fully-functional video events where Multicast+ senders and Multicast+ receivers join the event for a specified period of time—no need to recruit colleagues to help. Altimeter does it all. You can schedule the simulation and monitor the health of your network days or hours before your next live event.

Learn more about Altimeter by reading our solution brief.