ROI of Enterprise CDN (eCDN)

Guide to Calculating Bandwidth Costs and Savings with an eCDN

While the concept of eCDN ROI is quite simple, the reality of estimating it sometimes feels complex. But it doesn’t need to be.

For network optimization, bandwidth is the fundamental measure of success. The amount of bandwidth you save is a tangible calculation that translates directly into cost savings. At the same time, the significance of other eCDN ROI measures should not be underestimated.

When putting together your own eCDN ROI story, be sure to consider how stakeholders across the organization will be affected. What impact do you expect on your network, what consequences might there be, and what could be the real cost to company?

Download our ROI of Enterprise CDN white paper for a more detailed discussion of how to calculate ROI for each type of eCDN. We walk you through the calculations for multicast, video caching, P2P networking—as well as combination deployments.