Enterprise Multicast is Alive and Well

A technical deep dive into the premier multicast solution for modern streaming protocols

Enterprises have relied on the stability and scalability of the multicast protocol for delivering live video inside the enterprise for decades. It has long proven to be an extremely efficient method of reaching large numbers of viewers with a great quality of experience (QoE) while minimizing the impact of bandwidth-intensive media on the corporate network.The impending end-of-life for Windows Media multicast and Silverlight, Cisco ECDS and Adobe Flash marks the end of an era for legacy video technologies, paving the way for an even brighter and more compelling future for the multicast protocol.

This paper takes a deep dive into Ramp Multicast+, covering everything from how Multicast+ works, to patented innovation and technology, to key capabilities and features that make it the premier next-generation multicast solution.

Download the paper to learn why Multicast+ is the best option for secure, high-quality and scalable live video streaming inside the enterprise today and in the future.