Device Agnostic Video Content Strategy Why It’s Important?

Why is it important to have a device agnostic content strategy, particularly for streaming in the enterprise?

The more enterprise communicators use and rely on video, the bigger and more diverse their audiences are bound to become. Even with enterprise standards, variety in the viewing devices audiences use are inevitable. From different operating systems to different types of computing devices, including the plethora of mobile devices and laptops, even to thin clients such as those from Citrix, the number of devices viewers want to use can quickly add up.

Having a device agnostic content strategy — one that is neutral to those types of devices—not only simplifies support, but also allows viewers to receive the message regardless of the environment they happen to be in. They can move from one environment to another and the device they use doesn’t necessarily have to be tied to the environment they are in. The device can go from office to office, to VPN access and home access, et cetera, and still be able to access the video stream—whether it be a live broadcast or video on demand such as training and compliance videos.

From the Streaming Media webinar Content Delivery Challenges in a New Era.