Video Quality of Experience Monitoring for Enterprise Success

Let’s talk a little bit about video quality of experience for a moment. What are the best ways organizations can monitor, analyze, and improve the video quality of experience for viewers behind the firewall?

Oftentimes, enterprises have plenty of bandwidth on the corporate network for a great quality of service, but the experience breaks down at the pipe getting the video stream from the cloud into the enterprise. Companies deploy some type of enterprise content delivery network (eCDN), whether it is a multicast solution or an intelligent caching solution, to alleviate that congestion at the internet connection and even on the wide area network.

But, unless you are truly measuring video quality of experience and the quality of service for video delivery, you are kind of just working in the dark. In the enterprise it is really important to have measurable, quantifiable metrics of success. To gather those metrics you need robust diagnostic data and analytics available as part of your video deployment. You need to be able to tell if viewers are experiencing too much buffering. You need to know if fail-over scenarios are being activated due to network issues. You need to know what is really going on, both at the video level and also at the network level.

Network diagnostics, especially with live broadcasting, need to support two main use cases. The first is real-time troubleshooting. Can you identify if any subnets are having issues on a global network fast enough to be able to respond? The second use case is after the fact analysis, assessing an event as a whole and looking to see what can be improved in your delivery strategy.

From the Streaming Media webinar Content Delivery Challenges in a New Era.