Security first.

Designed to be as secure as you need. Our team of experts developed Ramp’s universal eCDN to ensure the highest quality video can be streamed as securely as possible across the network.

Enterprise-grade Security

End-to-end Encryption

All user and viewer data stay private to mitigate potential risk. Ramp ensures complete privacy with zero compromises on performance.

Multicast & Omnicache

The most secure eCDN

Multicast and caching are the most secure eCDN technologies out there. Deployed 100% behind the firewall, either on virtual or physical servers. This means there are no cloud components or external modules that can compromise your network security.

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Zero-Trust Security

A zero trust framework treats all users as untrusted outsiders, and every interaction is verified and authorized before it is allowed to proceed. Not all enterprise content delivery solutions fit this model.

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Zero Trust Security


Global Security Compliant

Ramp complies with national and global regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA. CCPA and COPPA. The privacy of your organization’s data is critical. Ramp does not store any sensitive information to ensure your organization is never put at risk.

mDNS-enabled Networks

mDNS compatible P2P

Using a dynamic approach to solve the mDNS challenge with P2P, Ramp’s P2P solution maintains performance and security without the need for local 3rd party software on each end user device —simply secure.

Ramp Universal eCDN

3 eCDN Technologies | 1 Single License Solution