Expose Real Insights and Measure Enterprise Video ROI with Ramp’s Event Analytics

By: Alan MacLeod, VP of Product

I have the opportunity to meet with our customers on a regular basis to learn how they’re using video inside their organizations. What I hear time and time again is the growing pressure from business owners to measure enterprise video ROI (return on investment). This is not surprising as companies are becoming more and more operationally focused, while also being driven to connect with their employees in more personable ways. 

Of course, this new close connection between members of a company leads to free flow of opinion and information in both directions. What happens when a few employees email the CEO saying they couldn’t watch the quarterly all-hands meeting because it was glitchy or buffering? All of a sudden, you’ve got a proverbial “fire drill.” The CEO wants to know what happened whilst your colleagues in the communications department are asking you about viewers for their recap report. 

If you’re enjoying the benefits of Ramp Multicast+, I’ve got good news for you. We recently enhanced our diagnostics for Multicast+ with a feature we call Event Analytics. Event Analytics is an easy-to-use dashboard that is a key component of Altimeter and has everything you need to monitor and analyze an event’s impact on the network—both during and after the event. Why during AND after? During gives you the information to head off the “fire drill” before it even gets reported, and after provides the communications team with engagement and enterprise video ROI information. Now you’re leading the discussions, and not responding to requests. 

Event Analytics gathers information from Multicast+ senders and receivers and displays minute-by-minute snapshots of key performance indicators (KPIs) throughout your events. The simple and intuitive dashboard includes:  

  • Heat Map: A complete view of your video network displayed on a geographical map. Circles on the heat map indicate concentrations of viewers and change in color with network performance. Hover over any circle to analyze performance by location—all the way down to the individual device. Move the slider along the bottom to analyze network impact and other KPIs at specific moments in time. 
  • Event Detail: During the event, view a detailed table of key parameters—down to the individual Multicast+ Receiver—allowing you to determine if issues are isolated to an individual viewer. 
  • Event Summary: A single-pane view of performance data, such as the length and time elapsed of your event by location, and the number and type of connections, for a single event or multiple events. 
  • History Summary: Displays network performance statistics across time in a graphical format, allowing you to filter the results for time-based trends—enabling, for example, correlation by the communications team of specific messages and audience attendance by location. 
  • Test Results: After your event, access the same, per location summary of the key data and performance statistics such as the number of Multicast+ Senders and their locations, stream source, percentage of packet loss and more. View, segment and analyze data from individual events or an aggregate of past events, geographically or historically.   

So whether you’re proving enterprise video ROI, reporting on specific metrics, measuring employee experience, or conducting a deep dive into network performance, Ramp’s Event Analytics has the data and insights you need.  

Event Analytics for Multicast+ is now available on Altimeter 2.3 and available to current Ramp customers via Ramp Connect

Learn more about Ramp eCDN at rampecdn.com, and start your trial today.