PRESS RELEASE: Ramp eCDN Launches Enhanced Microsoft Teams Integration

Deeper integration between Ramp eCDN and Microsoft Teams will help the world’s leading organizations scale their network to support the overwhelming increase of video usage and the growth of hybrid work environments

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS — ( May 5, 2021 ) Today, Ramp eCDN announces an enhanced integration with Microsoft Teams to securely deliver live and VoD streaming experience. Ramp eCDN is one of the only Microsoft partners to offer all three types of eCDN technologies (multicast, video caching, and peer-to-peer) as a unified solution for unparallel flexibility.

By utilizing the Ramp eCDN integration, organizations set up on Microsoft Teams can access an arsenal of technologies combined with enterprise level analytics. This means that IT departments will be equipped with greater visibility to understand optimal network performance and tackle the most critical network concerns.

“Companies are increasingly dependent on video to engage and collaborate. As Microsoft Teams continues to evolve into the focal point of workplace collaboration, demand for a higher quality video experience will continue to increase substantially along with a heightened strain on the corporate network.” said Neal Stanton, Co-CEO of Ramp. “Through our integration with Microsoft, Ramp empowers Microsoft Teams users with more flexibility than ever before. With access to all three eCDN technologies, enterprises can mix and match solutions to achieve flawless video streaming and optimal bandwidth savings, securely across their network.”

“Only having one option, is no longer an option.” said Anthony D’Amore, Ramp Co-CEO. “Microsoft customers should not have to choose a vendor at the sacrifice of the right technology. Ramp’s integration with Microsoft Teams empowers users with complete control. Whichever the network, device, or platform, we have a solution that’s tailored to meet each customer’s needs.” 

“The remote work opportunity has accelerated the video adoption process and with more people returning to the office, video has now shifted from a luxury to a necessity. By teaming up with Microsoft, Ramp is tackling the most prominent IT concerns — security and network performance.” said Steve Vonder Haar, Senior Analyst at Wainhouse Research. “In these uncertain times, there is much unknown about what challenges may be around the corner. Ramp’s universal eCDN offers IT departments a tool for standardizing network infrastructure and creating distribution capacity that scales to meet whatever level of video demand emerges in the post-COVID workplace.”

Learn more about the Ramp eCDN integration with Microsoft Teams here , and get an overview of all Ramp eCDN solutions here . 

If your organization is already set-up on Microsoft 365, contact us to find out how you can start to scale live and on-demand video today. 

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