PRESS RELEASE: Ramp eCDN Hits Record Quarter, and Introduces New Updates as Rapid Growth Continues

Ramp eCDN continues to gain momentum in Q2 as sales climb with the surge of large enterprises returning to the office. Amidst accelerated growth, Ramp introduces enhanced analytics and a new brand identity.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – (August 17, 2021) Ramp, the leading universal enterprise content delivery (eCDN) provider, today announced that quarterly new customer acquisition has hit a historical high in Q2. As more large enterprises across the world are now putting their return-to-office plans into action, the market is showing a clear need for eCDN technologies. IT teams are on the hunt for the necessary tools to properly navigate through the complex dynamics of a hybrid workplace.

“At Nemours Children’s Health, video has become central to our communication and collaboration. Our team is focused on delivering the best care possible to our patients, so with hospitals in multiple locations, video events have become a way for us to bring the team together. Using an eCDN is critical for delivering video on our network infrastructure. Ramp was the only vendor that provided the product choice and flexibility to meet our security requirements.The Ramp team has been great to work with, with their support we were able to run our first virtual townhall without a hitch.”

Drew Corbett, Senior Director of Infrastructure & Operations at Nemours.

“Ramp is experiencing exponential growth as companies adopt a hybrid return-to-office strategy. With this shift now underway, more enterprises are looking to Ramp to securely deliver high quality video at the lowest bandwidth possible.”

Neal Stanton, Co-CEO of Ramp.

Every indication reflects that the demand for Ramp’s universal eCDN will continue to grow substantially through 2021 and beyond, as businesses gear up for a post-pandemic market.

Following a strong performance in Q2, Ramp launches enhanced analytics and new corporate brand identity at the start of Q3:

Enhanced Enterprise Analytics

Ramp’s latest product release builds upon its Universal eCDN solution that can be delivered on-premises, in the cloud, or in mixed environments, making it suitable for any enterprise network. The 3.0 release not only pulls together all these delivery modalities but remains uniquely suited for large and security-conscious network organizations such as government, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and retail.

The new analytics provides a simple, modern interface for video delivery success, network health, and tracking enterprise core metrics from software telemetry and statistical data inside the enterprise network. Ramp’s robust telemetry now drives a complete Enterprise Analytics portal showcasing video streaming success, customer utilization across the enterprise from event to event across a multitude of strategic CMS partners. Unlike other solutions which only leverage the cloud for enterprise analytics, Ramp can also deliver telemetry and statistical data to the enterprise data lake, enabling organizations to safeguard their own information and use their own analytics tools, such as Splunk, Elastic, that fit with their global retention and security policies. Other enhancements include improved security and identity integration, and multiple database support.

New Brand Identity

Ramp launched a new corporate identity, with a redesigned logo, messaging, and website. These updates arrive as the company further focuses on innovation and development of expanded offerings.

“As Ramp continues to grow, we wanted to modernize the brand in a way that made it as versatile as our solutions. The updated logo is designed to simplify the brand to work seamlessly across mediums; from digital to physical. Our new brand identity showcases our evolution and better represents Ramp’s future as a pillar of the enterprise video revolution.”

Kevin Quan, CMO of Ramp.

Ramp’s redesigned website features a clean and modern aesthetic, along with a refresh in messaging. The newly launched layout is structured to provide a seamless user experience and ease of navigation. Both the logo and website have undergone significant change to better reflect who Ramp is and what we bring to our customers.

About Ramp

Ramp is focused on helping every organization tap into the power of live and on-demand streaming video. Ramp is the only universal eCDN provider that can deliver all types of eCDN (multicast, caching and P2P) as a unified solution in a single license—all enterprises, all networks, all use cases, and all streaming platforms. Ramp works with virtually any platform and is tightly integrated with leading streaming video solutions. Our software deploys inside the firewall or in the cloud to best fit any security requirement and scale easily as demand for video grows.