Flawless Live Video Streaming and VoD


Deliver High-Quality Video Experiences Without Impacting Network Performance

With Microsoft 365, virtually anyone can create, share and access video. Add Ramp Multicast+, OmniCache™ or Peer-to-Peer (P2P) to create the highest quality viewing experience possible. Our enterprise content delivery networks (eCDNs) are fully integrated with Microsoft Stream, Teams, Yammer and Skype Meeting Broadcast to solve network congestion created by live and on-demand video.


Reduces bandwidth consumption by up to 99% while flawlessly delivering high quality video to users at all locations.


Patented bandwidth smoothing technologies overcome packet loss to eliminate glitches and maintain the highest QoE


The only eCDN provider that can deploy behind the firewall or in the cloud. Encrypts video end-to-end to maintain your enterprise security policies.

Microsoft Integration

See how Ramp streamlines Microsoft 365 video on your network

Ramp is a Microsoft-integrated eCDN that optimizes video distribution from Stream, Teams, Yammer and Skype Meeting Broadcast. Ramp’s solutions seamlessly deliver live broadcasts and video on demand (VOD) to enterprise audiences dispersed around the corporate network. No need for special configurations, custom integrations or access to external cloud-based controllers.


Three Technologies | One Solution

Only having one option, is no longer an option.
All three eCDN technologies are included as a unified solution in a single Ramp license.
No compromises.

Ramp solutions are the most efficient, reliable and secure way to deliver video without impacting business-critical traffic on your network.

Read our Microsoft Solution Brief to learn how Ramp facilitates unlimited, uninterrupted enterprise video streaming.


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