Power Any Video Experience


Power any video experience with Kaltura. Protect your network with Ramp.

Ramp eCDN helps you securely deliver live and video on-demand in the highest quality, with bandwidth savings of up to 99.9%. Video can impact communication and the productivity of your workforce. Make sure your employees have a seamless video streaming experience every time.


Up to 99% bandwidth savings using your existing network infrastructure


Deploys 100% behind your firewall and maintains your existing security policies


Easy to deploy, manage and scale with insightful analytics to monitor eCDN performance

Resolve Network Congestion

Ramp/Kaltura integration for high-quality enterprise streaming

Whether you’re using Kaltura for company broadcasts, internal communications or employee onboarding and training, streaming video behind the firewall can create network congestion.

Ramp’s integration with Kaltura enterprise streaming solutions, securely and efficiently delivers high-quality video streaming across the enterprise without overloading or degrading your network resources.


Two Approaches, One Goal

Our portfolio of eCDN solutions safeguards network performance and facilitates unlimited, uninterrupted enterprise video streaming at the most fundamental level—the network. Discover which solutions are right for you.

Multicast+ and Kaltura Integration

The integration of Multicast+ with Kaltura’s webcasting solutions make it easy for you to configure, manage and broadcast live events over your multicast-enabled network. Multicast+ sends a single video stream to everyone on your network without consuming any more bandwidth than what’s needed for one viewer.

OmniCache and Kaltura Integration

Deploy OmniCache software on servers around your network. When the first viewer requests a live or on-demand video, the cache retrieves it from Kaltura and stores a local copy. As other viewers request the video, they get it from the local cache, saving your network from bandwidth-intensive video.