Inspire Audiences to Action


Inspire audiences to action with Intrado. Protect your network with Ramp.

Intrado Studio makes it easy to keep employees informed, engaged and in sync with your business goals through interactive town hall meetings and leadership updates. Layer in Ramp eCDN, and you can efficiently manage the impact of video traffic on your corporate network. Our integration creates a seamless solution resulting in a high-quality viewer experience.


Up to 99% bandwidth savings using your existing network infrastructure


Deploys 100% behind your firewall and maintains your existing security policies


Easy to deploy, manage and scale with insightful analytics to monitor eCDN performance

Resolve Network Congestion

Ramp/Intrado Studio integration for high-quality enterprise streaming

Whether you’re using Intrado Studio for company broadcasts, internal communications or employee onboarding and training, streaming video behind the firewall can create network congestion.

Ramp’s integration with Intrado Studio enterprise streaming solutions, securely and efficiently delivers high-quality video streaming across the enterprise without overloading or degrading your network resources.


Two Approaches, One Goal

If your viewers experience buffering, glitches, or even worse, they can’t access the video at all, video has zero value.

Ramp solutions are the most efficient, reliable and secure way to deliver video without impacting business-critical traffic on your network.

Read our Intrado Solution Brief to learn how Ramp facilitates unlimited, uninterrupted enterprise video streaming.