Ramp P2P

Easily scalable WebRTC-based software for enterprise video streaming and collaboration.

What is Peer-to-Peer?

Simplest way to solve network congestion

Ramp’s Peer-to-Peer (P2P) solution does not require any installation or complex configuration on the client side. With just a single line of code you can deliver higher quality, scalable live video with minimum bandwidth requirements.

WebRTC-based Technology

WebRTC is naturally integrated into all modern browsers, which means there is no need to install or alter anything when adopting Ramp’s P2P solution. There is only one step: Add one line of JavaScript code to the HTML page where the video player resides.

High Security Standards

Fully compliant with GDPR and DRM regulations, along with end-to-end encryption. Ramp P2P is also mDNS compatible, and only requires a single change instead of installing third-party software on every end device. This ensures no additional risks to the network or end user devices.

Comprehensive Real-time Analytics

Powerful video analytics enable users to measure the data that matters most. Deep dive into video adoption metrics, network performance, and overall quality of experience — all in one dashboard.

How does P2P fit Zero-Trust?

Video Sprawl
Behind the Firewall

This Wainhouse Research Report shares five best practices for building video streaming infrastructure. 


P2P Features

All the features you need.

100% in Browser

No software installation or network configurations required.

Flexible Deployment

Easy access to our public cloud or full privacy with a private cloud deployment.

iOS Compatible

Unique solution offers P2P streaming for iOS devices running Safari

Silent Testing

Stress-test your network pre-event to ensure everything works as intended.

Event Analytics

Real-time event statistics with comprehensive video analytics.

Microsoft 365

Integrated with Microsoft Stream and Teams for smooth streaming and collaboration.

Explore the powerful features available in a single Ramp license.