VBrick Edge Caching

An intelligent video caching solution for live and on-demand video. Drastically reduce network traffic for uninterrupted, high-quality video — anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

What is Edge Caching

Edge caching provides automatic local caching of video content for multiple users. Every time a user requests a video stream, the local cache is checked before the request is sent to the origin source on the WAN or in the cloud. This means traffic is reduced by bringing the video closer to its viewers.

Customizable Deployment

Easily define your edge caching architecture and where the caches exist based upon your particular use case and networking needs. The caches, working together as a software-defined network overlay, optimally deliver video.

Security Compliant

Deploys 100% behind the firewall, maintaining security policies to protect against viruses and breaches. Vbrick’s security posture has required proceduresthat use industry-standard tools for reviewing and scaning our edge caching engines. This ensures our devices are secure on your network.

Playback Optimization

Edge caching, by the nature of it being close to viewers, provides efficient playback and network utilization.

Key Features

All the features you need.

True Video on Demand (VOD)

Multiple users can view the same video asset at different times from the same cache.

VOD Pre-Positioning

Ability to schedule videos to be pre-positioned to the caches during windows of low network activity.

Intelligent Routing

Advance cache routing using flexible pattern matching algorithms.

Event Analytics

Simple and intuitive dashboard to monitor events in real-time.

Microsoft 365

Integrated with the Microsoft applications, including Teams and SharePoint, so you can leverage your investment.

When to Use an Edge Caching eCDN

Vbrick has flexible video modalities to create the most optimal eCDN architecture for your enterprise. Edge caching is an ideal solution if:

  • You stream both live broadcasts and video on demand (VOD) to small numbers of users or at scale
  • Portions or all of your network are not multicast-enabled
  • You need to optimize VPN architectures

Talk to an Expert

The Vbrick team is here to support you along your path to architecting and deploying our enterprise video distribution technology. From our expert engineers to professional services group and customer success managers, we’ll create an eCDN solution to meet the needs of your enterprise – now and for the future.