VBrick Multicast

A next-generation multicast enterprise delivery network (eCDN) solution for distributing high-quality, stable video on corporate networks.

What is Multicast

Multicast is the most efficient way to securely stream live video. It’s a one-to-many communication protocol that reduces network traffic when transmitting large amounts of data. A single video stream is sent to everyone in your audience without requiring any additional bandwidth than is needed for one viewer.

Enterprise-grade Security

Maintain complete control. Multicast is deployed 100% behind the firewall. Video access is controlled and encrypted while in motion and at rest.

Highest Quality of Experience

Multicast resolves network congestion by simultaneously delivering a single video stream to hundreds or thousands of viewers. It delivers the content faster, more reliably, and with less bandwidth for an exceptional experience.

Vendor Neutral

Designed to optimize video delivery from virtually any streaming platform you use.

Key Features

All the features you need.

Event Analytics

Use our simple and intuitive dashboard to monitor events in real-time.

Microsoft 365

Maximize your investment using the integration with the Microsoft ecosystem, including support for Teams and SharePoint.

Forward Error Correction

Leverage Vbrick‘s patented method for managing momentary loss of data.

High Availability Clustering

Enable critical server applications to run 24/7 with our highly redundant multiple server network.

Silent Testing

Run full-scale simulations before your live event (using Vbrick Ramp).

RESTful Architecture

Extend the benefits of multicast by easily integrating it with other enterprise video streaming platforms or streaming consumers.

When to use a Multicast eCDN

Vbrick has flexible video modalities to create the most optimal eCDN architecture for your enterprise. Multicast is an ideal solution if:

  • Live streaming events are a priority
  • You need network stability and bandwidth use predictability
  • You want to deliver higher quality videos at overall lower bitrates (across the network)
  • You have an existing multicast network to leverage

Talk to an Expert

The Vbrick team is here to support you along your path to architecting and deploying our enterprise video distribution technology. From our expert engineers to professional services group and customer success managers, we’ll create an eCDN solution to meet the needs of your enterprise – now and for the future.