Women of Ramp Share Insights and Inspiration this International Women’s Day

March 8 is International Women’s Day, an annual celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This year’s theme is #BalanceforBetter to acknowledge everyone has a part to play in making our world a better place. At Ramp, we believe our differences are what make us better—as a company and in the solutions we create. To help achieve #BalanceforBetter, we asked some of the women of Ramp what advice they have for early career professionals:

Denise Iverson - Women of Ramp

Denise Iverson

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

My advice, as one of the women of Ramp, for an early career professional is to be open to every opportunity before you. We all have career aspirations, and we are conditioned to put a plan in motion to achieve our goals. But life, and careers, don’t always follow our plan. The destination we first envisioned may be displaced by something we could not have even imagined. We grow in times of risk and uncertainty, so lean into the unexpected without fear. Only then you will be able to take your experiences and uncover your true passion and become who you are meant to be—embrace the journey.

Johnna Allen - Women of Ramp

Johnna Allen

Manager, Human Resources

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Making a mistake is the one of the best ways to learn, gain experience and grow as a professional (and person). You’d be hard pressed to find someone who gets it perfect or correct the first time they try something new. What’s important is you learn to have the confidence to pick yourself up when you fall, which will help you gain the strength you need later in your career.  Think of mistakes as mini-learning lessons. You will gain experience that you can use later in your career—whether it’s what to do or what not to do. Taking the time early in your career to learn what works will set you up for success in the future.

Michele Thomas - Women of Ramp

Michele Thomas

Director, North American Sales and Partner Engagement 

My advice, as one of the women of Ramp, for someone just starting out is to listen more than you speak and take the time to develop meaningful relationships. It’s so important to meet people in person versus living behind your laptop or mobile device. Don’t let technology rob you from real-life experiences and the opportunity to learn and grow. You have a world of knowledge to gain from the people around you—young, old and everywhere in between. Embrace the opportunity to collaborate and participate. 

Look at your career as a series of events. Every one of them helps you evolve and makes you more interesting as a person. Be fierce, strong and don’t be afraid to take risks. Every risk is an opportunity to learn and grow whether you fail or succeed. You will persevere and become a stronger person tomorrow because of the risks and leaps you took today.