Thoughts on Video Caching Solutions to improve Network Utilization

Storing video is a problem that seems to be top of mind for everyone, but delivering video over a network is a different beast entirely. Video files are large, and are only getting larger as resolution and quality improve, resulting in a drastic increase in the amount of traffic that’s going over your network. Because of this, you’re going to want to consider video caching solutions that can integrate with your existing video delivery infrastructure and ensure the smooth delivery of content over your network.

Video caching is a simple but powerful solution for optimizing and handling vast amounts of video data streaming across your network. Our video caching solution, OmniCache, acts as a reverse network proxy, caching redundant requests for video on your local network. This means that while the first user to request a video will receive the source over the WAN, subsequent requests for the same content from within your network will be delivered locally from the cache, helping you optimize your video distribution with very little interaction from your client software, to the point where your end-users won’t even know it’s there.

Unlike other video caching solutions, OmniCache also works with both HTTP and HTTPS delivery. Normally HTTPS isn’t cachable, but the patented technology powering OmniCache enables the delivery of a video payload inside an encrypted packet that is then wrapped in plain HTTP, meaning the payload remains secure, while making the content cachable.

We hope this post gave you a little more insight into the positive effects video caching solutions can have on your network infrastructure!