Ramp – The Only Universal eCDN for Superior Video Delivery on Microsoft Teams

Many of the world’s leading organizations choose the Microsoft O365 suite to enable collaboration and engagement across their workforce. With an increasing dependence on video, users now rely heavily on Microsoft Teams and Stream for communication. Whether in or out of the office, these powerful tools easily connect employees across the network. But as more companies return to the office, IT departments face new network issues as a result of increasing video usage. 

Already set up on Microsoft Teams? Do you know if your corporate network is ready to handle this additional traffic?

Source: Business Insider

Deliver Flawless Video and VoD on Microsoft Teams

Ramp eCDN announces [press release] an enhanced integration with Microsoft Teams to help companies engage with their employees through seamless live video and VoD delivery without compromising on network security or bandwidth.  

Many of the world’s largest organizations are undergoing a digital transformation to support this new age of hybrid work environments. As a result of this transformation, most organizations will need to adopt an eCDN to ensure their corporate network can handle an increase in video traffic. 

With this deeper integration with Microsoft Teams, users will be able to seamlessly deliver high-quality video with any one of Ramp’s powerful eCDN technologies: 

  • Ramp Multicast+: Uses the multicast protocol to send a single video stream to everyone in your audience while using only the bandwidth needed for one viewer. This is the most efficient way to stream live whether you have 100 or 100,000 viewers.  
  • Ramp Omnicache™: Local caches serve video to nearby audiences to drastically reduce the number of streams traversing internet connections and WAN links. Omnicache™ is able to reduce the amount of video traffic on your network by 90% or more.  
  • Ramp Peer-to-Peer (P2P): Uses active devices to build a network of peers that host and redistribute segments of video to one another. Ramp P2P is a cloud-based solution that can save up to 95% of bandwidth while increasing network reliability.  

Real-Time Analytics for Actionable Insights

Microsoft Teams provides users with all the tools a team needs to operate and collaborate. But network issues, such as buffering and other streaming errors, can hinder productivity. Ramp’s integration with Microsoft Teams ensures all video activity is uninterrupted.

Customers will have access to Ramp’s powerful real-time analytics for a comprehensive view of network performance and insights into video usage. By gaining actionable insights, organizations have the ability to optimize the quality of experience (QoE) to support all levels of activity. 

Security Matters 

Maintaining network security continues to be top priority as companies integrate enterprise video streaming into their day-to-day. The right eCDN will ensure that security is never sacrificed for video performance. In partnering with Microsoft, Ramp empowers customers with the option to choose the best eCDN solution for their organization. 

Everyone wants the best video experience with the lowest bandwidth, and securely. Deploying an eCDN makes this possible, but not all eCDN technologies provide the same level of security. Certain industries, such as finance and healthcare, typically require a high level of security. While businesses fully immersed in the cloud allow for more flexibility when maintaining network security.

Does your organization have the infrastructure to support the highest quality of video and maximum security? Or are you trading off the right technology due to vendor or infrastructure limitations? 

To learn more about our integrations with Microsoft or to find out which eCDN technology is best fit for your organization, contact us.