Microsoft 365 Video Delivery Optimization

Microsoft recently announced the addition of live events in Stream, a new capability that lets Office 365 users broadcast highly-produced, studio-quality events to viewers on Stream, Teams and Yammer.

Supported Microsoft Platforms
Ramp eCDN optimizes video from all Microsoft streaming platforms.

With the announcement, Microsoft encouraged customers to scale video delivery by exploring SDN/eCDN options to optimize video traffic on the corporate network. Ramp eCDN has been recognized as the first eCDN solution certified for Stream since Microsoft Ignite 2016. The latest collaboration between Microsoft and Ramp tightly integrates Ramp eCDN with Stream, so distribution via OmniCache™ is now a simple configuration selection in the Stream interface.

OmniCache is an intelligent video caching solution for both live video and video on demand (VOD). It dynamically retrieves video and stores local copies at key locations inside the firewall to alleviate traffic on the internal network by 90% or more. With OmniCache, viewers can expect reliable, smooth video playback on the corporate network without IT investment in expensive WAN upgrades or more hardware.

Ramp eCDN  is the only publicly referenced eCDN that does not depend on a peer-to-peer (P2P) architecture, a networking approach prohibited by the security policies and standards of many enterprises. Unlike P2P counterparts, OmniCache does not require any plugins, client software, or cloud-based controllers, further enhancing the security of the solution and simplifying the effort to deploy and maintain the eCDN.

For companies with multicast-enabled networks, legacy multicast solutions including Adobe Flash, Cisco ECDS and Windows Media Server are now officially end-of-life and end-of-support. Ramp’s Multicast+ is a direct replacement and the only next-generation multicast solution that isn’t proprietary to specific video streaming platforms.

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