Ramp Omnicache Your Pot of Gold for Streaming High-Quality Video

By: Denise Iverson, VP of Sales & Marketing

Are you relying on the luck of the Irish when it comes to streaming high-quality video on your network?

Using high-quality video for large-scale communications is proving to be an effective way to engage employees. But the more popular it is, the more it can wreak havoc on your network. With Ramp, you don’t need to hunt for a leprechaun or a four-leafed clover—our eCDN has everything you need to successfully deliver high-quality video without compromising your network.

OmniCache™ is an intelligent video cache that reduces network traffic by 90 percent or more. By placing a cache at key locations around the network, you reduce the distance the video needs to travel and the total amount of video traffic travelling across your entire network.

OmniCache runs on hardware you probably already have available and supports virtually any streaming platform.

The smarter you are with your eCDN, the luckier you’ll get streaming high-quality video. What you’ll find in the OmniCache pot of gold:

  • No client software or plugin required
  • Supports live video and video on demand (VOD)
  • Supports any video source, any device and any player technology
  • Enterprise-grade security deployed on premises, 100 percent behind your firewall
  • End-to-end encryption at rest and in motion
  • Best option for mobile devices
  • Self-discoverable, self-healing for exceptional resiliency
  • Content pre-positioning allows you to push high-quality video to the cache when network activity is low
  • Easy to deploy, manage and scale as your needs change

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