IBM Cloud Video Gets Next Generation Multicasting

New enterprise video delivery options for Streaming Manager for Enterprise

Today we are pleased to welcome IBM Cloud Video as the newest member of the Ramp ecosystem of technology partnerships. Streaming Manager for Enterprise is IBM’s cloud-based platform for internal delivery of live and on-demand video for company communications such as employee town halls and ongoing training. With robust, enterprise-friendly security and access controls, as well as detailed metrics for tracking utilization and viewership, Streaming Manager for Enterprise is enabling the growing use of video inside the enterprise.

As companies like IBM make video a mainstream form of internal communication, IT departments and their stakeholders are experiencing the growing pains of increased video traffic on the corporate network. Video is bandwidth-intensive, and when in demand, it creates network congestion at the firewall and at key locations across the internal network.

Multicasting optimizes video delivery for live broadcasts to large distributed audiences

Multicasting is proven to be a highly effective way to optimize video distribution on corporate networks, alleviating bottlenecks and improving the quality of the viewing experience. Through the integration of Ramp Multicast+ with IBM Cloud Video Streaming Manager for Enterprise customers have a comprehensive technology solution to reliably support a video-demanding communications strategy.

Multicast+ is the only standards-based multicast solution for HTML5 video and a highly-sought solution for companies still relying on legacy video platforms, such as end-of-life Windows Media Server, Silverlight, Adobe Flash Player, and Cisco ECDS solutions. It is also common enterprise streaming infrastructure (CESI), which means once deployed it can be used to optimize video from virtually any streaming platform in use within an organization.

Enterprise content delivery networks alleviate network congestion at the firewall

An enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) is a layer of software or hardware infrastructure added to the corporate network that helps manage the distribution of video behind the firewall. Both Ramp and IBM offer several guides that outline the different approaches to deploying an eCDN and best practices for selecting the right eCDN for your company:

Video Distribution Behind the Firewall
Five approaches for deploying an enterprise content delivery network (eCDN)

This paper outlines the five approaches to deploying an eCDN. With easy to understand explanations and diagrams, including pros and cons for each approach, it’s the perfect primer for anyone who wants a non-technical introduction to enterprise content delivery networks.

Principles of a Common Enterprise Streaming Infrastructure
Five considerations for deploying an enterprise content delivery network (eCDN)

This paper describes best practices for selecting an eCDN and why choosing solutions that adhere to these principles are the best candidates for meeting the needs of the business today while anticipating the demands of tomorrow.

Internal Video Without Bottlenecks
Comparing unicast, multicast and peer-to-peer delivery
This 14-page eBook explains the three approaches simply and visually. A chart compares them side-by-side analyzing 15 critical factors such as cost, scalability, security, ease of deployment and management and mobile device support.