Multicast Monday: Video Integration Matters

By: Julie Basa

Happy Multicast Monday! Next week, we’re heading to Brightcove PLAY in Boston, an event focused on video strategy and technology. So, it’s the the perfect time to talk a little about Multicast+’s ability to work with the largest number of video players on the market today.

We know demand for business video is on the rise. Yet, the type of video platform you need for global learning and development programs may not work for all-employee webcasts, executive communications or digital displays in retail locations. Like most, you probably have more than one platform.

How do you deliver the highest quality video and protect your network from bandwidth-intensive video? An enterprise content delivery network (eCDN), a network overlay to optimize video at the infrastructure level, can solve these challenges, but deploying and managing eCDNs for each streaming platform is an IT nightmare— and fortunately unnecessary.

Some video platform providers offer multicasting as part of their solution, but most of those are proprietary and work only with their platforms. Multicast+ is the only vendor neutral multicast solution for HLS and DASH. Multicast+ supports any live HTML5 video stream, can generate HLS from encoders supporting RTP, or be combined with a media server such as Wowza Streaming Engine™ to ensure complete coverage from a single enterprise delivery solution.

Multicast+ is also integrated with a number of enterprise streaming solutions, including Microsoft and Brightcove, which is as simple as changing a single setting during the set-up process.

Ramp’s solutions prove an eCDN can and should be able to retrieve and redistribute video from any video source. Not only does this simplify the deployment and management of the eCDN, but it provides maximum flexibility for the future as the enterprise video landscape evolves over time.

Learn more about the benefits of Multicast+: The Next-Generation Multicast in the Age of HTML5.

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