Multicast Monday:Fear of the Unknown

By Julie Basa

Happy Multicast Monday!  I had an exceptional weekend. My daughter graduated from the University of North Texas, and I am so proud (Caw caw!).

I vividly remember having “all the feels” the day I graduated. I was happy, sad, confident, unsure, excited and scared all at once. You could say I was suffering from fear of the unknown.

I realize launching your next CEO webcast isn’t quite the same as graduating from college, but not knowing what will happen is the worst (especially for a control freak like me!). How will the webcast impact the network? Will everyone be able to watch without buffering—including the CIO who is in London this week?  Will the video stream slow down point-of-sale systems? 

The good news is you have control over the quality of your next webcast. With Multicast+ Silent Testing, you can run an event simulation to test the performance of your environment and verify your infrastructure is properly configured before your next event.

Simulations also are more efficient, flexible and reliable than conducting live event trials with actual viewers. Recruiting enough people for live tests is complex and often produces inconclusive results, mostly because participation rates create large blind spots in test coverage. 

With Multicast+, administrators can create and schedule simulated, fully-functional video events that instruct participating Multicast+ senders to notify Multicast+ receivers to join the event for a specified period of time. The receivers gather information, then return event-related statistics viewable via the Altimeter management system.

Click here to learn more about Multicast+, and if you’ll be at Brightcove PLAY this week, stop by our demonstration and say “Hi!” I’ll be the one with a big grin and bags under my eyes from a weekend of celebration.