How Ramp Supports Hybrid Work

Ensuring efficient collaboration and communication within today’s hybrid work environment is key to staying productive and efficient. To achieve this, companies need to have the right technology in place, including an effective eCDN platform complete with analytics. Ramp’s eCDN technology does all this and more— here’s how:

User Experience is #1

As hybrid work becomes more widely adopted across multiple industries, it also brings a critical issue to the forefront: the consistency of user experience. No matter where employees may be located, they need to know that they’ll have access to high-quality video.

From department meetings to on-demand training, information delivery, and sharing are paramount to keeping offices running smoothly and effectively. Employees in a hybrid workplace are expecting virtually flawless communication to facilitate both engagement and collaboration. Ramp’s universal eCDN solution can help any organization deliver seamless video and network optimization.  

Better Streaming, Less Strain

Many people, during the pandemic, have become accustomed to video streaming. As employees return to the office, they will no doubt continue to rely on video communications on a day-to-day basis. But are companies investing enough into hybrid work? Are their networks able to support the increased traffic?

From meetings that require an “all hands on deck” presence to training sessions, client presentations, even special announcements by the CEO or board will severely strain the network. The result? Reduced quality, poor streaming, and slow buffering. When this happens, delays are inevitable, but what is even more troubling is the inevitable drop in employee engagement and loss of productivity.

With many organizations previously running on reduced bandwidth in the office, it will be a challenge for IT teams to accurately assess how much bandwidth is actually needed to support a hybrid workplace. By implementing a robust eCDN like Ramp, companies can ensure that their video streaming runs seamlessly and does not compromise other business-critical applications.

Events that Keep Your CEO Smiling

Building a truly open, inclusive culture and embracing values in a digital realm has been tough but not impossible. When you think about it, what draws people to work for a company often isn’t about the physical location but more about that company’s vision, purpose, and culture.

Leaders expect things to run smoothly. Ensuring a flawlessly delivered communication, whether a live event or a pre-recorded video, means having an infrastructure that can handle such a demand on the corporate network — without running the risk of overload. Significant amounts of time, money, and resources are often spent when organizing, executing, promoting, and delivering live events. Having a secure and reliable eCDN can alleviate concerns surrounding the possibility of technical mishaps, malfunctions, or outright disasters. Not only can Ramp help avoid potential operational interruptions or production bottlenecks but, more importantly, it will also ensure leadership teams are pleased with the event and/or video performance.

Smooth Business Applications

With the majority of business operations now being cloud-based, applications for running day-to-day tasks rely heavily on having a strong, secure, and stable corporate network. Requests for videos or other heavy files requiring a lot of bandwidth can wreak havoc on the corporate network. Such activity can potentially interfere with operational applications used in business-critical areas like finance, sales, and management. Ramp eCDN can make sure that other applications are not put at risk due to network congestion.

Ramp eCDN for Hybrid Work

Comprehensive solutions for any network, any location, any device. Ramp’s universal eCDN license includes a full suite of products that provide reliable, secure solutions to fully support hybrid work. Ramp’s comprehensive arsenal of solutions are completely scalable across virtually any enterprise.

The primary goal of Ramp eCDN is to ensure ongoing communication, collaboration and productivity among individuals, teams, and global workforces. Companies need to know they can rely on the consistent delivery of information – without delays, interruptions, or technical glitches. Relying on video to deliver the same quality of communication as face-to-face interactions can be challenging, but with Ramp in place, these interactions can be smooth and uninterrupted.

No matter the company infrastructure, Ramp’s eCDN technology is engineered to complement and enhance the corporate network. Testing and implementing is quick and easy because Ramp is completely scalable and adapts to virtually any network. Businesses can rest assured that they are getting the most effective and efficient content delivery. With the help of Ramp, companies can easily adapt to hybrid work.