Get to Know Ramp Omnicache —An Intelligent Video Caching Solution for Enterprise

Right now, we’re spending more time watching video than at any other point in human history. But it’s not just YouTube and social media that’s fuelling this trend, it’s video in the workplace too. From company-wide virtual events to conversations between far-flung coworkers, video is a fact of life for today’s enterprise.

According to researchers, a staggering 83% of enterprise users already stream video on at least a weekly basis. And our appetite for video shows no signs of slowing anytime soon, particularly in the wake of the global pandemic and the subsequent shift towards hybrid and remote working that we’ve all experienced.

But how can you manage an increased appetite for video without placing strain on your systems and network performance? An enterprise video caching solution like Ramp’s best-in-class OmniCache can help.

A Strain on Your Network

As the importance of enterprise video grows so too do the demands that you’re placing on the technology that enables it. The more you use video the more it taxes your network.

This is bad news for organizations whose corporate networks often come with bandwidth limitations, potentially causing your systems to slow. Ultimately, putting business-critical applications at risk.

One solution could be to add more bandwidth in order to ease the strain on your systems. However, this can cost time, money and resources. It also doesn’t futureproof you against the ongoing strain that rising video usage will place on your systems.

Alternatively, introducing an enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) to optimize your streaming can help reduce strain on the network. OmniCache is the only eCDN technology that works as efficiently for on-demand video as it does for live streaming, which means it can easily be your all-in-one solution.

How Omnicache Works

Organizations have long used web caching to optimize their networks, creating better response times and improved performance for internet users. OmniCache is an intelligent video caching system that takes the exact same technique but employs it for video.

A lightweight software-only solution that can be laid over existing infrastructure, OmniCache utilizes proxy caches to move the video source closer to the end viewer. This means that fewer videos are pulled over the full distance of the corporate internet connection, optimizing performance and reducing strain on the network.

A Singular Solution

For years organizations have implemented a hodgepodge assortment of platforms to facilitate their video needs. Indeed, according to Wainhouse Research, more than three quarters (77%) of organizations use two or more streaming platforms, with more than a third (37%) using three or more.

However, because it’s capable of supporting video from virtually any source, OmniCache lets you standardize your streaming solutions. So whether you use Microsoft Teams, Brightcove, Kaltura (or all of them, at the same time) OmniCache provides a simple solution that optimizes delivery across your entire organization.

Simplified Management

Unlike many cache solutions, OmniCache is a software-only solution providing maximum flexibility to manage your video needs both now and in the future.

As a software-only solution, it can be integrated with your current systems without disruption. Our easy-to-use web-based interface makes it quick and simple to set up, manage and monitor.

Because it is not a physical appliance, you can enjoy all the benefits of managing and maintaining software over hardware. It can be installed on existing server resources, turned up as needed, and shut down when no.

OmniCache is also easily expandable, which means that IT departments can be sure it will adapt over time, delivering the same flawless streaming no matter what demands are placed on your network in the future.

Putting You In Control

OmniCache’s management platform is an easy-to-use, web-based interface for configuring, administering and monitoring your entire eCDN environment. Administrators have complete access to detailed analytics and quality of experience data. You can even monitor performance during a live event and quickly respond to issues in real-time.

To make implementation even easier you don’t even need to deploy client software or plugins on viewer devices. Instead, when you configure and deploy OmniCache, it automatically and transparently directs your users to the eCDN. So, you get maximum coverage without burdening end users.

Safe and Secure

OmniCache can be deployed 100% behind your company firewall, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that you’re in complete control of your enterprise’s security. Also, access to video content and traffic is encrypted so your data is always protected.

OmniCache brings video closer to viewers to deliver a high-quality, stable video experience to everyone on your corporate network. As well as reducing cost and complexity it puts you in control to better support your organization.

To find out more about OmniCache download our free whitepaper to see how intelligent video caching can reduce cost and complexity for you.