Enterprise Streaming Video Made Easy

By Julie Basa

If I had to guess, you’ve used streaming video to communicate with your colleagues at least once today. You know why? We all want to feel connected with one another in some way—and video is the next best thing to meeting in person.  

But steaming video technologies we’re using right now may not fit the needs of your organization in the long run. It’s time to plan for a return to the office, which probably includes using more streaming video than you’ve done in the past. 

Make streaming video easy 

Now is a great time to take inventory of what you have. Then, determine what you need to be successful. But if hitting “the easy button” is what you need right now, consider an all-in-one solution from one of our newest partners. 

streaming video

This week, New Spark Media announced a partnership with Ramp and Brightcove to simplify the process of buying and implementing enterprise video solutions.  

Read the New Spark Media press release.  

“The biggest hurdle for organizations is bringing in point-solution vendors through their procurement process,” said Laurent Bridenne, senior director of solution consulting at New Spark Media. “Sometimes, the operational costs exceed the vendor’s yearly contract value. Other times, it’s just too much of a hassle that you put these time-saving or innovative capabilities on the backburner because you’re swamped.” 

New Spark Media makes streaming video easy by offering a best-of-breed solution. They’re bringing together Brightcove’s video content management system with Ramp eCDN along with services to create a simple approach that meets your complex business needs.  

Ramp + Brightcove 

With Brightcove’s Enterprise Video Suite, you get a powerful and secure streaming video platform. It offers reliable, scalable, and secure video tools to enable effective business communications and boost engagement. The tool is elegant and easy to use. But if employees can’t watch your videos because the network fails, it is useless. 

That’s where Ramp comes in. Our multicastingvideo caching and new peer-to-peer networking (P2P) eCDN solutions protect your network and create a stellar viewing experience. 

We’ve worked closely with Brightcove to make it easy. With our Brightcove-certified plugins, integration is a simple, one-time administrative process. 

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