How an eCDN Is Crucial for Enterprise Network Optimization in 2021

The beauty of an eCDN is its ability to deliver on network optimization without anyone even knowing it’s there. With more companies returning to a physical office in 2021, is your network ready to handle increasing traffic?

Ramp - Return to Office Network Optimization

Looking back, we may see 2020 as one of the most challenging years in history for many businesses. Nevertheless, 2021 will represent challenges of its own. As organizations return to “normal”, they will be dealing with the fact that this is a new kind of normal. Many of the innovations that were accelerated in 2020 will be crucial to work-life as employees begin returning to offices.

The lessons we’ve learned while working remotely will need to be integrated into the hybrid workplace model. IT managers, who just spent a year trying to find solutions for more remote workers, will now be tasked with managing networks facing a new set of demands. One of the biggest challenges they face is the increasing use of video for nearly all aspects of work. 

High Video Bandwidth Necessitates Network Optimization

While video was already becoming an essential part of work, the pandemic rapidly accelerated its adoption. Video, now an integral part of communications, is used for meetings, training, and other forms of communication. Due to the increasingly high-quality expectations of enterprise video, along with expanded use, more pressure is put on enterprise networks. IT managers will need to focus on network optimization, and invest in solutions to scale up the network.

Local area and wide area networks, along with VPNs and other connection tools, are as critical as ever. With the transition into hybrid work models and the growth of satellite offices, network infrastructure is more critical than ever. Network outages and slowdowns can have a devastating impact on efficiency and productivity. IT managers must choose to exponentially expand networks or rely on third-party services to assist with the network demands. This is where many organizations are adopting eCDNs. Finding the right eCDN partner can help with network optimization and ensure that high-quality video can continue to have an expanded role in corporate communications while maintaining efficient and reliable network operations. 

Types of eCDN Technology for Network Optimization

When considering an eCDN for network optimization, it is critical to note that not all eCDNs are the same. To understand the difference, it helps to know that there are three different basic types of eCDN technologies: multicast, cache, and peer-to-peer (P2P)

  • Multicast – A protocol for sending a single video stream to a large audience using only the amount of bandwidth that would be needed for one viewer. Which is the opposite of sending an individual data stream to every viewer, and instead can quickly overwhelm network resources.
  • CacheA method of improving streaming performance by storing copies of video files on parts of the network closer to viewers. This reduces the distance files need to travel, optimizing network bandwidth use.
  • Peer-To-Peer (P2P) – Uses client devices to create a network to distribute video streams when other infrastructure is unavailable or insufficient. Devices on the network are able to host and distribute video files reducing the impact on network bandwidth.

Multiple eCDN Solutions with One Partner

As you can likely imagine, there are situations where each of these options would be preferred or required. Especially in the rapidly changing business world we are looking at in 2021. The best bet is to work with a provider that can offer all three and help you determine the best solution for your network optimization goals. This is where Ramp eCDN comes in. With multiple eCDN solutions, you can focus on network optimization while ensuring the best quality video delivery without buffering, jitter, or total failure. Whether it is live or on-demand, the right eCDN option will provide the best video and a stable network.

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