Don’t Let Your Love for Multicast Soltuions End

By: Denise Iverson, VP of Sales & Marketing

The end is near. In about a year, Adobe, Microsoft and Cisco will retire their beloved multicast solutions. But don’t let these changes break your heart—or your video network.

Multicast solutions are easy to love. The one-to-many protocol reduces network traffic by delivering a single stream of video, audio and content to hundreds or thousands of viewers. You might be flirting with a peer-to-peer option, but nothing compares to multicast. It’s the most predictable, efficient and stable way to deliver an internal webcast.

This Valentine’s Day, Ramp can help you fall in love with multicast solutions all over again. Our software-based solution delivers the highest quality streaming experience possible using your existing investments. Like a great Valentine, Multicast+ is:

  • Friendly: Multicast+ is deliberately vendor neutral, runs on any existing multicast-enabled network, and is designed to work with H.264, HLS, DASH and HTML5
  • Reliable: Even on wireless networks susceptible to heavy loads and channel interference
  • Smart: Patented multicast solutions from Ramp offer forward error correction, bandwidth smoothing technologies, and the ability to re-route video traffic behind the scenes creates a seamless, high-quality viewer experience
  • Flexible: As a software-based solution, it’s easy to deploy and adapts over time without requiring costly and labor-intensive network upgrades

There’s also something to be said for a Valentine who makes you feel secure, and Multicast+ sits 100 percent inside your firewall, making multicast solutions as secure as your enterprise IT.

If you’re interested in learning more, join Ramp and MediaPlatform for a webinar on March 6 at 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET to hear when to make the switch and how to leverage your existing technology to deliver pristine, HD-quality webcasts in your organization.

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