Creating Awesome Microsoft Live Events

Microsoft Live Events

Microsoft live events are one of the best ways to reach every employee with the same message at the same time. It’s functional, scalable and easy to use. But if your network isn’t ready for an influx of video, it could result in buffering or jitter. Ramp eCDN for Microsoft live events reduces the amount bandwidth needed to stream video, resulting in an awesome experience for all.

It is a new year, and your CEO wants to host an all-employee meeting to celebrate last year’s wins and set the company’s strategic imperatives for 2021. Other members of the leadership will speak on everything from bonuses and benefits to the return to the office plan.

This is arguably the most important meeting of the year, so you expect extraordinary attendance. You have assembled a stellar cross-functional team consisting of IT, communications, marketing, human resources and operations. Together, you put together the perfect plan, which has been blessed by the CEO.

What could possibly go wrong?

Microsoft Live Events and Your Network

You have roughly 50,000 employees scattered around the globe. Because this meeting is so important, you should plan on every employee watching the live video stream at the same time.  After all, you can never be too careful.

Since it takes about 2 Mpbs to transmit a Microsoft live event, you will need at least 100 GB of bandwidth. Sending that much traffic across your standard internet connection probably won’t work (that’s a ton of bandwidth!).

And what about the rest of your enterprise? If you put that much data on your network at once, your network will choke. Your business applications operation will crash. Employees will experience buffering, jitter, or worse, won’t be able to watch the meeting at all. Email and point of sale systems crash. And before you know it, you get an email from the CEO asking you why people can’t watch the meeting.

Good thing you sketched out the impact a Microsoft live event would have on your network before you had an epic failure. Your options:

  1. Buy more bandwidth.
  2. Tell your CEO to cancel the meeting.
  3. Take a risk.
  4. Deploy an enterprise content delivery network (eCDN)

Since option 1 could deplete IT’s entire budget, and options 2 and 3 put your job at risk. So that leaves you with option 4, which is actually the most efficient and cost effective choice.

Creating an Awesome Employee Experience

An eCDN intelligently optimizes video streams to improve network performance and protect business critical operations. But it also helps you create an awesome viewer experience. Putting on a global, Microsoft live event takes planning and preparation. It would be a shame if you network is the point of failure.

At Ramp, our sole focus is enterprise video distribution. Our suite of eCDN software runs on your existing network and works with virtually any video platform, including Microsoft live events. It is specifically designed to reduce network congestion created by live and on-demand video—by 90% or more.

Choosing the Right eCDN for Microsoft Live Events

Microsoft Stream eCDN
Learn how Ramp is the Microsoft Stream eCDN.

An eCDN deployment with the right combination of architecture, technologies and protocols can enable Microsoft live events to traverse the entire enterprise network while alleviating concerns over scalability, quality of experience (QoE), and network resources.

But not every network is built the same, and some were assembled as the result of merger and acquisition activity. As a result, you might need more than one type of eCDN. Read our Guide to Selecting the Right eCDN to understand which eCDN—or combination of eCDNs—is right for your enterprise.

Ramp is the first and only eCDN solution that offers multicasting, video caching and P2P (peer-to-peer). In addition, Ramp is a Microsoft Stream eCDN, which means it is certified for and integrated with Microsoft live events. Just select Ramp when setting up your Microsoft Stream environment.

Create an Awesome Viewer Experience—Now

If you are ready to put an end to buffering, jitter and complaints about Microsoft live events, it’s time to give Ramp eCDN a try. It’s the only vendor that provides all three types of eCDN solutions for Microsoft Stream, allowing you to create an eCDN to meet the specific needs of your enterprise. Ready to get started?