Video Sprawl Behind the Corporate Firewall

Five Best Practices for Building Enterprise Streaming Infrastructure

Amidst a steady drumbeat of change in enterprise communications, technologies that enable one-to-many online video behind the corporate firewall are carving out their own role as solutions critical to fostering day-to-day business activities. Once considered a novelty, streaming is emerging as a technology workhorse enabling a new breed of business communications inside the enterprise.

But when it comes to putting streaming to work in the enterprise, networking challenges are inevitable and effective network management is vital. Information technology executives are wise to keep networking considerations top-of-mind when formulating a strategy for implementing streaming solutions that are ubiquitous, reliable and secure.

In this white paper, Steve Vonder Haar from Wainhouse Research shares the latest research on enterprise streaming and shines a spotlight on key issues executives should consider for suitable infrastructure to support the adoption of online video. He then offers five recommendations for developing a networking solution that will support a divergent set of communications applications while standardizing the corporate infrastructure used to distribute video.

Download the white paper and learn more about video sprawl behind the corporate firewall.