Principles of a Common Enterprise Streaming Infrastructure

Best practices for solving enterprise video distribution problems today and planning for tomorrow.

Infographic - Principles of a Common Enterprise Streaming InfrastructureThe growing use of video inside the enterprise presents a new set of network challenges for IT departments. Enterprise content delivery networks (eCDN) help manage and optimize the distribution of bandwidth-intensive video behind the firewall to lighten the burden on corporate networks. Best practices for deploying an eCDN start with choosing solutions that adhere to the principles of a common enterprise streaming infrastructure (CESI).

A common enterprise streaming infrastructure is one that reliably optimizes the distribution of video from any video source, scales over time without requiring costly and labor-intensive network upgrades, and meets or exceeds enterprise security requirements.

Download this paper to learn about the five principles and why choosing solutions that adhere to these principles are the best candidates for meeting the needs of your business today while anticipating the demands of tomorrow.