Building a Scalable Strategy for Enterprise Streaming

Basic Truths for Making Video Work Better in Your Workplace

Organizations considering the implementation of online video technology solutions can employ the five “Enterprise Video Truths” highlighted in this report as a basic roadmap of issues that can — and should — be addressed when evaluating their video technology options and strategies.

The role of video in the workplace is changing right before our eyes. Advances in technology have made video more reliable, easier to use and cost-effective enough to become a mainstay in the corporate communications toolbox. Whether used to provide employee training in virtual classrooms, enable digital signage applications or facilitate department level meetings with mid-level executives presenting, one-to-many video is becoming just another part of the regular routine in many workplaces.

It’s important to remember, however, building an enterprise video strategy that works at scale requires more than just buying a camera and having employees tune in. Smart investments in the right technologies can help your organization leverage the power of video in a way that delivers substantial business impact. While great strides have been made in online video capabilities in recent years, it’s still not a trivial task to build a robust, scalable technology infrastructure that makes ubiquitous webcasting a viable proposition on the corporate network.