Actionable Analytics to Maximize Video Delivery

Powerful and user-friendly analytics allow you to visualize the health of your network and overall quality of experience. Gain an accurate understanding of trends and real-time insights to deliver a flawless video experience across the network.


Real-time Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

Monitor your network and streaming performance in real-time — all on one dashboard. Gain insights into video usage and network trends to consistently improve overall video performance.

Return on Investment

Easily Determine Your ROI

Ramp makes it simple to understand actual cost savings. All the data you need is right in the dashboard. You can see exactly how much bandwidth you’ve saved and easily calculate your ROI.

Network Testing

Silent Testing for Live Events

Practice makes perfect, and to deliver a success live event you can perform a dry run pre-event, with real network metrics. Stress-test your network to identify any weak spots and ensure that everything works as intended.


Get a Screenshot of Your Network Health

With all metrics in one dashboard, you can quickly get a snapshot of overall performance to create a data-driven report.

Ramp Universal eCDN

3 eCDN Technologies | 1 Single License Solution